Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Posh Destination: Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Posh Destination: Pearl Farm Beach Resort 

Early 2013, my roommate (my husband, btw) and I flew to a posh resort in Mindanao - the Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Pearl Farm used to be a place where oysters were cultivated for their pearls. At present, it's a luxurious resort with a magnificent view and service.

I was a little worried to travel to Mindanao at first, but the reservation officers in Makati assured us of our safety and promised a fabulous experience, so off we went to Davao!

Just to keep with the poshness of our trip, we flew Philippine Airlines. For Pho6,000+++, our Manila - Davao roundtrip was such a breeze. The flight attendants were very polite and accommodating, and the leg room was also very spacious. We were even served a simple snack. 

We knew were in Davao when we finally saw the ginormous Durian statue at the airport. After a couple of minutes walk from the arrival area, we saw the queue for the cabs. We then went to the Marina Bay where a small ferry was waiting for us to take us to Pearl Farm Beach Resort. 

the ride was smooth and we were lucky because we saw a pod of dolphins and a school of tuna swimming near our boat! Finally, we're really not in Manila anymore! Hello, peace and relaxation. 

On our way to Pearl Farm, Davao 
After 45 minutes, we finally reached Pearl Farm. Yay! 

There are several room accommodations one could choose from in PF. Prices range from Php 8,600 - Php 44,000 per night. However, we decided  to stay at the Samal House, which had the same design and layout as those of the Samal tribe. The Samal House was built on stilts on water, so it provided an excellent view of the Malipano Island and the awesome school of fish and sea urchins everyday! It also has a balcony to enjoy the night with a couple of beers and some kwentuhans

Our room's balcony 
Unfortunately, PF was undergoing a serious renovation to improve its facilities when we visited so we weren't able to enjoy the Parola with the *Infinity Pool and the *Maranao Restaurant. Instead, all meals were served al fresco near the beach - which was an awesome idea, btw. Speaking of food, guests have the options to avail of the buffet meals or go a la carte. The meal was expensive. Nope, it's an understatement. Food was luxurious, so we made sure we chose our meals really really well. 

Good food + good music + good company under the stars by the beach = perfection! 

eating al fresco 

One of our favorites: Blueberry cheese cake 

During our stay, we tried and enjoyed some sports activities like kayaking and jet skiing (Php 1,500 for 15 minutes). There were also other water activities like the banana boat ride, wind surfing, water skiing, and scuba diving. Of course, all were super expensive as well. We managed to try kayaking from PF to Malipano Island and Jetski around the area!Kuya Jetski even gave us a thrilling ride for another 15 minutes. 

Jet skiing

Since we're at Pearl Farm, we made sure that we did not miss the Ylang Ylang Spa for a relaxing couple massage. You may choose to have it at Ylang Ylang Spa or at the comfort of your own room. Of course, we had ours in our room where we can doze off afterwards.

Spending 3 days and 2 nights at Pearl Farm is surely legendary! Everything might be really really expensive, but the comfort, the relaxation, and the awesome service are surely worth every peso. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Baby-Friendly Road Trip to Nuvali

A Baby-Friendly Road Trip to Nuvali

This long weekend, my roommate (my husband, btw) and I decided to have a road trip with Baby Charley. This was not her first, and definitely not her last. Come Friday, we still had zero idea where to go, but we had listed two of our non-negotiables:

1) It should be at the South where we haven't been before
2) It should be baby-friendly since this trip was for Baby Charley

"How about in Nuvali?"

Soon, it was decided that we would go to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Using his Waze app in his iphone, we drove to Laguna despite the heavy rain in Batangas. We had fun going there since we're totally clueless how to get to Nuvali, so we just trusted the app for directions.

It was also a good break for Baby Charley (and for us, too) to get away from the city and breathe in fresh air. In fact, she was so amazed looking at the trees, the rice fields, and to see fewer cars for a change.

When we got there, thank you Waze(!), we headed to the park right away. Baby Charley enjoyed practicing her walk beside the man-made lake, and it was such a joy to see kois where we were.

It was hot, but we didn't care! 
Something green for a change 

We also rode a boat to take us for a 3 minute tour around the lake. Baby Charley enjoyed looking at the fountains, the bridge, and some birds on the tour. Although it was pretty hot in Laguna that day, she still enjoyed the boat ride because it was a little windy and the air was really fresh!


our boat ride  
Charley enjoying the ride 

We then had our late lunch in Crisostomo that served Filipino cuisine. Our family is a huge fan of Filipino food, so we ordered Baby Charley's favorite Sinigang Gomez (pork sinigang) and tried Kinamatisang Pork Chop (Pork chop slices cooked in sweet native tomatoes served with itlog na maalat). The sinigang was heaven and the pork chop was just as amazing! For desert, we had Olimpia, which was fresh mangoes with cream pie and it was just perfect for the day. We couldn't get our taste buds off Crisostomo, so we took home more of their offered delicacies.

Getting ready to order 


Kinamatisang Pork Chop 

More delicacies for take home! 
There were more activities one could do at Nuvali, but we just chose the ones that were baby (Charley) - friendly. If your kids are a little older, you could take them for biking or wakeboarding. You could also go to the bird sanctuary.

by the park 
Sadly, by mid-afternoon, we had to end our little road trip and head back to the city. I'm pretty sure Baby Charley had a lot of fun in our trip as she snoozed her way home in the car.

Tired from our road trip 

WTF: Wala Talagang Forever sa Malacañang: A Political Satire

This Wednesday, the Assumption community was priviledged to be invited to an "afternoon of fun and laughter" with the artistic genius, the renowned Jon Santos!  Well, Jon Santos is no stranger to the AC community as he was a student and is a dear friend of an old girl, Ms Ana Valdez Lim. He has also been part of several METTA Broadway shows and the star of "The Mystery of Irma Vep" staged in our very own black box. More than these, he is a dear friend of the community and well-loved by the students, teachers, staff, and our very own ra nuns.

With Mrs. Carmen Velayo, Sr. Anna Pesongco,
and Ms. Ana Valdez Lim
Today's show was an open rehearsal to test his material for his upcoming show this September and October: WTF "Wala Talagang Forever" sa Malacañang, a political satire that will make the audience think to vote intelligently in the 2016 presidential election.

Jon, a true genius and a remarkable artist, a truly a master of his craft, portrayed several interesting characters like Lady Gaga, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Pnoy, Grace Poe/FPJ, Erap, Vilma Santos, Mommy Dionisia who all had something to say about each presidential aspirant. There was no dead air throughout the show as the audience laughed and enjoyed Jon's portrayal of each character in a span of 2 hours!

We were amused with Lady Gaga's coño comparison of Philippine election with the US election, Miriam's pickup lines and whogoats against Duterte, Pnoy's dilemma of his lack of love life, Erap's questionable intelligence and academic excellence, Grace Poe's search for her real identity, Vilma Santos' annoyance of being "ligaw" as a running of almost everyone, and Mommy Dionisia being well...uhm.. Mommy Dionisia.

Besides being funny and sensible at the same time, what I also liked best about the show was how Jon interacted with the audience and made them part of WTF, especially during the Question and Answer segment. It was truly amazing, smart, and magical all at the same time. At the end of the show, he even invited the audience to join him for photo ops, selfies, and groufies.

Save the date, Mommies, because WTF "Wala Talagang Forever" sa Malacañang, directed by Ms. Jenny Jamora, will be shown on September 25-26 and October 2-3 at 8pm at Teatrino Promenade in Greenhills. You can buy your tickets at Ticket World. This will surely be a great break and date for you and your hubby as you enjoy hours of adult entertainment.

You may also check out his latest single, "Apat na Buwang Pasko". Text PHILPOP8 to 2910.

Truly a remarkable performance from an AC girl deep deep in his heart.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mommy Hack: Books don't have to be Expensive

I'm glad there's this Manila International Book Fair again at SMX this weekend. As a book-lover, events like this always thrill me. It's just heaven for me to see the large convention hall be filled up with books and people like me who just want to grab the best finds. 

Unfortunately, this book fair only comes rarely, so not everyone could avail of the discounted books. Besides, MOA is far from Makati (at least in MY perspective), and it's usually traffic there, especially now that it rains almost every afternoon. These could be problems for mommies like me who want to buy books on discounts but rely much on Uber for transpo. 

That is why, our family always drops by our friendly neighbourhood Book Sale in Cash n Carry! This kuripot mommy has always been a fan of Book Sale even back when I was in College. It amazes me that I could buy lots of books, even those that are still new and expensive in other bookstores, for a much cheaper price. 

Of course, when I became a mommy, my roommate (my husband, btw) and I always make sure to check Book Sale to buy books for Baby Charley, and it has never failed us. Most of Baby Charley's books are products of Book Sale or gifts from family and friends. 

Here are the things we love about Book Sale: 
  • Seriously cheap and affordable books. Book Sale stays true to its name: books are always on sale everyday! There are good books as cheap as Php15 and children's books by famous authors or with popular characters are still so much cheaper than those in other bookstores. 
  • There are books for each member of the family. Daddies will surely love magazines about cars, golf, or other sports while Mommies like me would enjoy books and magazines about lifestlye, parenting, and other hobbies. In fact, when we're preparing to conceive I bought my "What to Expect Before You're Expecting" and then my "What to Expect When You're Expecting". Guess what, when Baby Charley was born, we bought our "What to Expect on the First Year" which was Php500 cheaper than in other bookstores. Yes, we checked, and they're the same, except for the price of course. Of course, there are tons of children's books for kids and teens (Chicken Soup) of all ages!
  • Most books are in mint condition, even the pre-loved ones. Although many of Book Sale's books are new, there are still books that are previously owned. Sometimes, it's not obvious, but sometimes it is, especially children's books because kids just loved to draw and write on their books. Usually, these kinds of books are way cheaper than the others. However, if it's just a scratch or a line or two, I would still buy them since Baby Charley would have done worse. Besides, as long as the story is still readable, we don't mind even if it says, "Happy Birthday, Mike!" on the first page. 
  • The choices of the types of books and genres will surprise you. Choices! Choices everywhere! Especially in bigger outlets, Book Sale offers a lot of choices for everyone. It might surprise you if you'd find local romance novels next to C++ books.
  • There are recently published and old (almost collectible) books. One of my best find in Book Sale are Corduroy Series and Peanuts books. You can also find even classics like Christmas Carol and others. 
  • Book Sale replenishes the collections often. They update their collections often so your visits will be different from your previous ones. Often, books are themed according to the season of the year. For example, you'll find more books about halloween during October and November, Christmas during December, and love during February. 
  • Sometimes, they even have their clearance sales! Book Sale on sale?! Books that are usually cheaper than others become WAAAAYYY cheaper pa because of the sale. *faints* 
With 91 stores and counting nationwide, Book Sale is the largest source of low-priced new and previously loved books from abroad. Indeed, in every visit to Book Sale, all mommies can surely get amazing and really cheap books for the whole family! 

Php 35.00!  Great finds! :D

Friday, 18 September 2015

The First Birthday Party Debate

Baby Charley has a lot of batchmates; 8 babies in Assumption, 1 in our Apartment, and 2 cousins were all born on the same year as Charley's. Yes, so that means 11 first birthday parties this year! Baby Charley is the youngest among all, so my roommate (my husband, btw) and I could see how each of their first birthday parties went to help us answer,

"Are we throwing a first birthday party for Baby Charley?" 

First birthday parties are fun, especially if there are a lot of baby attendees! However, I personally don't think it is for everyone - especially if the mommy is as kuripot as me. Since there are still less than 3 months before Baby Charley's first birthday, my roommate and I could still discern well and hard whether or not Baby Charley would be having a party in December.

Here are our thoughts so far.
  • There will be a lot of baby attendees! Imagine having lots of cute one year olds in the party, and it'll be the cutest day ever! However, since Baby Charley is just a baby, she probably won't remember much about her party and so would the other baby attendees. Therefore, we'll be spending for the entertainment of mommies, daddies, and titos in the party, and if that would be the case, we should have a drinking party instead. :)
  • Babies, and parties, and baby parties are expensive. We have asked mommies of Baby Charley's batchmates about an estimate of how much they spent on their parties, and it was pretty big for some. Even if we're gonna DIY most of the party needs, we're still gonna spend lots on food, drinks, party favors, and entertainment (?). 
  • We wish to personalize the event. Okay, I have big time issues about being a guest in my own event *cough! wedding!* and I wish to claim Baby Charley's birthday to be totally ours. So far, if ever, a birthday party will push through, we have thought of the simplest themes yet. A) Cat in the hat, and B)Blue and Yellow #weddingwhogoat 
    Baby Charley oblivious of the
    planning happening around her 
  • It's a celebration of life! Friends and families know that we have long waited and prayed for Baby Charley, and her first birthday is indeed a celebration of our thanksgiving for this wonderful and super kulit na blessing. There's no better way to celebrate it than with families and friends who were one with us in prayers before.
  • We're a simple family and wish everything to be intimate. If you have read my wedding story, you probably know by now that there were only a handful of people I could truly say I personally know, and this time, we really wish Baby Charley's event to be a simple, intimate affair. However, you guys probably don't know my mother and how she deals with parties. *sigh* 
  • Baby Charley would probably not enjoy much. Unless the party involves making a mess, destroying furniture, and eating Bibions, Baby Charley would probably ignore the whole event. She got scared of the Grimace Mascot on one party we attended, so she probably would curse us if we bring one on her first birthday. 

So far, Team Hernandez has not reached any decision whether or not Baby Charley would be having a first birthday party. We still have 3 months to think about it, but if we ask Baby Charley, she'll probably say... 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Things that have Changed when Baby Charley Entered the Picture

Having a baby means huge changes for most couples, and we're one them, too. Here are a few things that have changed in our relationship and in our lives since our little kitten, our judgmental princess watermelon, and bedspace invader Baby Charley came.

1. Our Bodies
Unlike my roommate (my husband, btw), I was not particularly conscious with how I look and would always go for comfort over fashion. However, my body has undergone a drastic change in a span of one pregnancy. I have one of those ugh muffin tops, my PUPPP's scars are STILL there (thank heavens no kamot for me), and of course my C-section battle scar is unbearable to look at. Yeah, I have gained a few (maybe more) pounds, too.

My roommate, though has gained some beer belly, still remains his charming aura. Look at him. Just look at him, and you can say there is something wrong with the equation here. Yet he, God bless his MME Awardee soul, keeps reassuring me that I still look beautiful (even if I don't fit in my old skirts anymore) because I am a good wife and an awesome mother to Baby Charley. Tissue please. 

2. Where our Money Goes 
Whenever we shop for groceries, which are mostly for Baby Charley, we often kid her that we used to frequent the Chips section before, but now 99% of our money is spent on her Huggies Dry, Nan HW 2, and Mustela products. Before, we would save hard to catch the latest promo of PAL or Jetstar, but now we have to save (and work) harder for her monthly immunisation bills at Makati Med.

Indeed, our priorities on where to spend our money has changed big time! Often, my roommate has to say goodbye to his vanity rituals like foot spa, pedicure, and massage, and me on books and school supplies and cat stuff so that we could save up for Baby Charley's expensive monthly needs.

We're not complaining, though, because whenever there's extra in the budget, we splurge on Ruffles and Mt. Dew!

3. Our Social Circle 
Raising a child is also time-consuming, especially if it's just you and your partner in the house. Since we live alone in Makati and have decided not to have a yaya yet (somebody, save me!), my roommate and I could not say "yes" to all social gatherings we're invited to even if we really want to. Even if we desperately need to. Often, we find ourselves hanging out with married couples, too, sharing tip and experiences of raising a "feeling" toddler. We have also watched our girl friends and bros grow up and raise mini "thems" of their own.

However, we still understand that it could not just be us all the time. That's why we make sure that he still gets to hang out with his boys and I with my girls and avoid talking about Baby Charley unless they ask first because she's sooo cute and nomnomnomnom.

4. Our Routine 
During the first year of our marriage, we follow a simple routine: I work from 6 am to 8pm while he works from 6pm to 4am.That's why we're basically roommates to each other because we barely see each other. We would go on occasional drinking and movie dates on weekends and travelling on long weekends. All these changed when I got pregnant and when Baby Charley was born.

Regardless of the day of the week, Baby Charley wakes up at 5am and demands playtime until 9am for her naptime. When she wakes up, 30-45 minutes later, she has to go outside for some people and cats watching. Then she would eat her meal, have more playtime, crawl, climb, practice walking, destroy furniture until she's ready for her afternoon nap at around 2pm. We will then have a tiny window of opportunity to watch Naruto, read a book, chat, or sleep.


It may sound tiring and boring, but since we're already used to it, it has become fun time for us, too! Suddenly, watching people and cars pass by and cats fighting and making out has become entertaining, if not interesting. Naptime mid morning could be a bliss since we, too, have to wake up at 5...sometimes 4am. Finally, seeing Baby Charley grow right before our very eyes is simply heaven.

5. Our Hearts 
The biggest thing that has changed when we finally have Baby Charley in our lives is our heart. I'm not exactly a very patient person, yet I find myself waiting peacefully and calmly at the long queue by the doctor's clinic as I entertain an already inip child. Charley could be such a rascal at times and I'm sure she meant to test her limit (and my limited patience), but I would still snuggle her lovingly (and whisper, Humanda ka pag di ka na baby..joke!) and forgive her endlessly. We would also read with her over and over and over and over gain the book that she likes despite it lacking artistry and having a predictable plot. Seriously, could not even be considered literature! 

My roommate even has a bigger heart of making ultimate sacrifices for our family. Moreover, he doesn't get tired to pick her up when she cries for no apparent reason, play with her from dusk till dawn, and bring her outside even when he's tired, too.

We're not counting our sacrifices for her (or how much sleep I've been deprived of when she came), but rather, we're noting how blessed we are to have Baby Charley and how our lives and we have changed for good.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Uber-ly Fantastic Ride Experience

My family and I are frequent taxi riders in the Metro, when Uber (despite its controversies and telenovela against the LTFRB) finally became available in the Philippines, my roommate (my husband, btw) and I downloaded it right away. Each of our phones has Uber just in case one's battery gets drained, which is usually mine unfortunately.

Downloading and Registering 
Downloading Uber was easy! All  we did was search for it in App Store or Google Play. After downloading Uber, we created a profile account and enrolled our credit card. Here we used our BPI VISA Amore card. Don't worry because Uber will only use your card you have availed of its service. In fact, my roommate didn't use Uber until after a month he had created his account.

Types of Uber 

There are two types of Ubers: UberX and Uber Black. UberX is the cheaper version of Uber cars as it uses regular cars like Vios and AUV's like Innova. According to UBER MNL Tips, UberX has a minimum and base fare of Php 40, just like our regular taxi cabs! However, it has a per minute rate of Php 2 and a per km rate of Php5.7.

Uber Black is the more high end type of Uber since it uses SUV's and according to some Uber drivers, luxury cars like Accord and some BMW's. Whoah! Its base fare is Php 90 and has a minimum fare of Php120.. It has per minute rate of Php 2.10 and a per km rate of Php 12.92.

I'm pretty sure, we're happy using just the UberX.

Requesting for your Uber
When we requested for our Uber,  we simply set our pickup location and destination. We have saved frequent places like "home" and "work" already. Before we tapped our request, we had the option to see the estimated fare so that at least we have an idea how much we would be paying. Afterwards, we confirmed our request, and soon we got a message saying that our Uber was on the way! This message included our driver's name, his contact number, his picture, the car's model, and plate number. It was that easy and convenient!

After a few minutes, if the driver found our place right away, we just hopped in and enjoyed our ride. It was like having our very own personal driver.

1) Safety - Since Uber provides details of your driver and picture, you can be sure of that he wouldn't do anything to you. Besides, you could report him right away.

2) Convenience - Seriously, no more lining up for the taxi and no more haggling and begging with kuya taxi driver  to take you from point A to point B especially during rush hours! You will just let your ride come to you as you wait in peace.

3) Cashless Transaction - Since you're using your credit card, no need to bring cash or several denominations just in case the driver doesn't have change. We all have experienced paying for more just because some taxi drivers "did not" have change for us. In Uber, you pay for your exact fare.

1) Credit Card - Well, since this is an online transaction, you first need a credit card. I don't know any other ways to pay your Uber since I think they only accept credit cards.

2) Online - You need to be online to request for an Uber, which could be a problem if you're not on PLAN. But then again, you could always ask for free wifi passwords of some establishments.

3) Surge - Ugh, when it's rush hour or if the demand for an Uber is high, Uber suddenly goes on a surge. This means that the normal fare is higher and is multiplied based on the current surge. This could go on from 1.5 to 4.5x. It could be a little expensive especially if it's traffic.
However, you do have an option to let it pass which usually happens after a couple of minutes.

Right now, we're so happy with the Uber service especially since we travel with Baby Charley.

Baby and Mommy Event: Enfant 20th Anniversary

This weekend has been extremely a busy one for our family since we attended my bestfriend's wedding in QC last Friday, then I attended a writing workshop at Bonifacio High Street yesterday (Saturday), and today, the whole Team Hernandez attended one of the grandest sale of baby items and apparels at Glorietta Activity Center.

Enfant Philippines celebrated its 20th anniversary of excellence and quality with lots of freebies, games, prizes, shopping, workshops, and celebrity mommies! Plus, Enfant promised 20% off on ALL items! 

Another great thing about the event was that registration is free! Yes, mommies, all you gotta do is write your and your baby's name, contact numbers (probably for other promotions), and then you're free to enter the activity center to shop, get freebies, and join ALL the activities! How cool was that? 

Mommies, daddies, and babies (and some yayas) didn't know which Enfant products to buy first since besides the 20% sale on all items, some items were on 50% and 70% sale! All possible Enfant products were available during this grand 20th anniversary sale! Enfant staff were very friendly and approachable, so your shopping experience was truly a bliss! Plus, if you spent a minimum of Php1,000, you're entitled to receive a gift pack from Enfant, a YES! Magazine, and to join a raffle to win more and more exciting Enfant products!  Indeed, it was heaven for all mommies at the event! However, if you spent a minimum of Php3,000, your baby could also have a free photoshoot from Mayad Beginnings. It could be your opportunity to have your baby become a model.

The first booth we visited was Manulife. It was currently offering the "Bundle of Joy" package where you get insured for a whole year without paying for anything! You may wish to continue the package after a year, but then, it's your choice. After my roommate (my husband, btw) and I signed up, Baby Charley received two teddy bears while we got to enjoy free ice creams. 

Teddy bears of Manulife

Afterwards, we visited Pampers, which is currently promoting their newborn diaper. Too bad Charley couldn't fit into that anymore, so we just signed up for a Pampers pouch (with the diaper and Whisper napkin) and a free photoshoot! The photobooth for Enfant had a long queue, so we're happy that we got to have ours more easily thanks to Pampers. 

Pampers pouches
a demo on how effective Pampers dry is
There's also CORD Life booth, Mayad Beginnings Booth for those who spent a minimum of 3K (but everyone could receive a 5% discount), and a caterer that offered iced tea and light snacks for the guests. 
5% discount from Mayad Beginnings 
A guest OB GYNE (sorry, I didn't catch her name because we were so busy shopping) was also present during the event. She gave a short talk about pregnancy do's and dont's and what to expect while you're expecting. 

There were also a lot of games for Mommies and Daddies. One of the events was for daddies, and I was happy that my roommate got bullied to join. It was a drinking contest from a milk bottle! Daddies raced to finish three (3) milk bottles of orange juice. You could say it was pretty hilarious watching our husbands drink like babies. In the end, my roommate didn't win, but he did get a consolation prize from Enfant. Yay! More freebies! 

Our Team Hernandez bet:
the gwapong guy in the middle! 
At around 3:30 pm, Ms. Giselle Sanchez hosted the event. She was such a joy to watch as she shared her own love for Enfant products. According to her, Enfant products are anti-bacterial and free from lead and other cancer-causing ingredients. After her quick talk, she asked audience random questions about Enfant, and I was the first victim! Buti na lang I listened to her well. After giving my answer, I got another teddy bear and ice cream from Manulife and another gift from Enfant. Oh yeah! More freebies! 

Ms Giselle Sanchez with Baby Charley and Boss Ayat
Afterwards, a short fashion show of babies wearing several Enfant apparels was held. The babies were so cute in their Enfant clothes! 

Then, three celebrity mommies, Gladys Reyes, LJ Alapag, and Melissa Ricks, joined in the fun for a mini talk show for mommies. I guess they shared their own experiences about motherhood and answer questions from the audience. Then, it's more prizes and giveaways! 

Celebrity Mommies! 
Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish the event since we're avoiding the rush hour. However, we didn't not leave empty handed since we got lots of freebies and we had lots and lots and lots of fun! 

Congratulations, Enfant Philippines for providing an awesome and fun-filled day for the whole family. God bless you and more power! :) 

What we bought: walking sandals
and an organic anti-mosquito lotion

What we got for free!  Three teddy bears, a bar soap,
three baby powder, wipes, pacifier, latex nipple, and softener  

More freebies: a toy, a bib, a Baby on Board sticker,
 a baby book 
an Enfant Gift Pack filled with Enfant products! 

Pampers pouch with Whisper napkin and Pampers baby dry