Sunday, 6 September 2015

Baby and Mommy Event: Enfant 20th Anniversary

This weekend has been extremely a busy one for our family since we attended my bestfriend's wedding in QC last Friday, then I attended a writing workshop at Bonifacio High Street yesterday (Saturday), and today, the whole Team Hernandez attended one of the grandest sale of baby items and apparels at Glorietta Activity Center.

Enfant Philippines celebrated its 20th anniversary of excellence and quality with lots of freebies, games, prizes, shopping, workshops, and celebrity mommies! Plus, Enfant promised 20% off on ALL items! 

Another great thing about the event was that registration is free! Yes, mommies, all you gotta do is write your and your baby's name, contact numbers (probably for other promotions), and then you're free to enter the activity center to shop, get freebies, and join ALL the activities! How cool was that? 

Mommies, daddies, and babies (and some yayas) didn't know which Enfant products to buy first since besides the 20% sale on all items, some items were on 50% and 70% sale! All possible Enfant products were available during this grand 20th anniversary sale! Enfant staff were very friendly and approachable, so your shopping experience was truly a bliss! Plus, if you spent a minimum of Php1,000, you're entitled to receive a gift pack from Enfant, a YES! Magazine, and to join a raffle to win more and more exciting Enfant products!  Indeed, it was heaven for all mommies at the event! However, if you spent a minimum of Php3,000, your baby could also have a free photoshoot from Mayad Beginnings. It could be your opportunity to have your baby become a model.

The first booth we visited was Manulife. It was currently offering the "Bundle of Joy" package where you get insured for a whole year without paying for anything! You may wish to continue the package after a year, but then, it's your choice. After my roommate (my husband, btw) and I signed up, Baby Charley received two teddy bears while we got to enjoy free ice creams. 

Teddy bears of Manulife

Afterwards, we visited Pampers, which is currently promoting their newborn diaper. Too bad Charley couldn't fit into that anymore, so we just signed up for a Pampers pouch (with the diaper and Whisper napkin) and a free photoshoot! The photobooth for Enfant had a long queue, so we're happy that we got to have ours more easily thanks to Pampers. 

Pampers pouches
a demo on how effective Pampers dry is
There's also CORD Life booth, Mayad Beginnings Booth for those who spent a minimum of 3K (but everyone could receive a 5% discount), and a caterer that offered iced tea and light snacks for the guests. 
5% discount from Mayad Beginnings 
A guest OB GYNE (sorry, I didn't catch her name because we were so busy shopping) was also present during the event. She gave a short talk about pregnancy do's and dont's and what to expect while you're expecting. 

There were also a lot of games for Mommies and Daddies. One of the events was for daddies, and I was happy that my roommate got bullied to join. It was a drinking contest from a milk bottle! Daddies raced to finish three (3) milk bottles of orange juice. You could say it was pretty hilarious watching our husbands drink like babies. In the end, my roommate didn't win, but he did get a consolation prize from Enfant. Yay! More freebies! 

Our Team Hernandez bet:
the gwapong guy in the middle! 
At around 3:30 pm, Ms. Giselle Sanchez hosted the event. She was such a joy to watch as she shared her own love for Enfant products. According to her, Enfant products are anti-bacterial and free from lead and other cancer-causing ingredients. After her quick talk, she asked audience random questions about Enfant, and I was the first victim! Buti na lang I listened to her well. After giving my answer, I got another teddy bear and ice cream from Manulife and another gift from Enfant. Oh yeah! More freebies! 

Ms Giselle Sanchez with Baby Charley and Boss Ayat
Afterwards, a short fashion show of babies wearing several Enfant apparels was held. The babies were so cute in their Enfant clothes! 

Then, three celebrity mommies, Gladys Reyes, LJ Alapag, and Melissa Ricks, joined in the fun for a mini talk show for mommies. I guess they shared their own experiences about motherhood and answer questions from the audience. Then, it's more prizes and giveaways! 

Celebrity Mommies! 
Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish the event since we're avoiding the rush hour. However, we didn't not leave empty handed since we got lots of freebies and we had lots and lots and lots of fun! 

Congratulations, Enfant Philippines for providing an awesome and fun-filled day for the whole family. God bless you and more power! :) 

What we bought: walking sandals
and an organic anti-mosquito lotion

What we got for free!  Three teddy bears, a bar soap,
three baby powder, wipes, pacifier, latex nipple, and softener  

More freebies: a toy, a bib, a Baby on Board sticker,
 a baby book 
an Enfant Gift Pack filled with Enfant products! 

Pampers pouch with Whisper napkin and Pampers baby dry 

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