Wednesday, 27 December 2017

5 Things We Love About the Duck and Croc Series by Robert Magnuson

5 Things We Love About the Duck and Croc Series 
by Robert Magnuson

Recently, we became instant fans of Robert Magnuson's Duck and Croc Series when we attended his book launch at the National Book Store in Glorietta, Makati.

Charleybear fell in-love with the series and the friendship between this crazy, but fun-loving characters, and here are our 5 (of the many) Things we Love about the Duck and Croc Series: 

5. It has short rhyming lines that make reading so much!
Charleybear loves the sing-song pattern as I read the book to her. What's more great, Mommies, is that according to an article in Scholar Base, the rhythmic pattern helps young children develop rhythm, poetic awareness, memorization skills, and self-expressions.

4. It has colorful illustrations. Award-winning author and illustrator, Robert Magnuson, created masterpieces on every page of the Duck and Croc series.

3. Duck and Croc characters are just L-O-V-E! What's even more fabulous than the friendship shared by these two lovable characters? Why, the many adventures they have together whether it's having a race, riding a hot air balloon and a submarine, or simply having a feast.

2. We have signed copies! It was pretty awesome that we have all three books in the Duck and Croc series, and it was even greater that Robert Magnuson signed all of them himself!

1. WE HAVE THREE SIGNED BOOKS TO SHARE TO OUR READERS! That's right, Mommies, we have three signed books to share to three of our readers. And we'll take care of the shipping fee, too.

 Just comment what fun and crazy adventure do you think Duck and Croc should have next. 

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Happy reading, everyone!

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