Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Colors and Shapes Learning Center

Colors and Shapes is a playschool and a daycare that has much to offer to families with toddlers and with both spouses working. I believe many working Mommies and Daddies would actually love the services offered here.

Gentle reminders of how one should behave in class 
Colors and Shapes uses play, art, music, movement, and practical skills to teach the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. Students are provided with several opportunities and thematic activities that encourage them to use their own creativity.

An activity board in the classroom that encourages self-expression 

Colors and Shapes is also a daycare and a learning center that offers three purposeful programs for babies and toddlers: Program 1 (Camp Baby and Jr. Toddler), Program 2 (Tutorial, Summer Camps, and Early Intervention), and Program 3 (Playhouse/Daycare).

 Campy Baby (18-24 months) and Jr. Toddler (24 months and above) are year-long programs that follow a June-March school year. Playhouse, on the other hand, offers daily or regular daycare services.

When classes are over, the students will then be allowed to go to the Play Area where lots of toys await them. 

What We Love About Colors and Shapes
* Low student:teacher ratio 
Colors and Shapes values the learning experiences of each child. This is why they maintain a very low student:teacher ratio. Each class has two (2) teachers and one (1) teacher-aide, so Mommies are confident to leave their babies at Colors and Shapes especially those who are availing of the daycare service.

Dance Time with two of her classmates

* Celebrates each Student's Success 
Colors and Shapes takes pride in celebrating the accomplishments of each student - be it an artwork done or simply being present in class. I love it how the whole class sings for everyone present in the class that day. Such a simple gesture makes the child loved and accepted. 

The classroom is decorated with the student's projects and paintings which are little trophies of the student's success. 

* Practical programs especially for working parents 
Colors and Shapes offers Playhouse, a safe and convenient daycare program where you can drop-off your baby who can explore, socialize, and learn through interactive and fun-play.

This would be convenient if both mommies and daddies have the same work schedules, and they don't have a yaya at home.

         Art time using paints and rollers

Each class has lots of singing, dancing, and art as the students learn their ABC's, colors, and numbers. 

Of course, Charley's favorite which is Art Time and getting messy, is also part of the daily activities. 

What we love more about Colors and Shapes is that it's just across Greenbelt 5 so it's perfect for Mommies working in Makati! 

Fees & Schedule 
The school year for Camp Baby and Jr Toddler starts in June and ends in March. Playhouse is availble all through out the year. 

Summer Camp Batch 1 starts early April while Batch 2 starts late April until May.

You may call, text, or email Teacher Ena for more details regarding the exact details on the tuition fees.

Location & Contacts 
Ground Flr. Unit G8
Prince Plaza Condominium
106 Legazpi St., Makati City

It's right across Greenbelt 5!

Charley had fun at Colors and Shapes because there are lots of singing and dancing and art time many babies her age will surely enjoy. 

Also, the place is very convenient and accessible since it's just in the heart of Makati. Playhouse will be helpful for those families without a Yaya. 

In my opinion, Mommies might consider Colors and Shapes for their babies.

Colors and Shapes accepts students as early as 18 months old. 


  1. OMG! Even babies could now go to school. I commend teachers especially those handling toddlers as the students can sometimes be too active or makulit. Im excited for my Yael to try this.

  2. This is a nice set-up especially for those parents who work near the area. How many hours can you leave you kid and then fetch after?

  3. Would you know the rates? It looks fun! Thanks! :)

  4. Charley's so cute painting! Hihi ;) I would also like to ask about the time and rates. And do they have trial class? :)

    1. Hi! This is quite affordable compared to Playworks, but I suggest you visit both playschools yourself to see the difference and which is worth more of your money. :)
      Colors and Shapes' summer class Batch 2 starts this week; there are morning (10-12) and afternoon classes.
      Playhouse's (Daycare) rates are on a per hour or pay day basis (Php 600). Playschool in June is around Php60K. :)

  5. This is such a great help for working parents. Good thing that we now have daycare centers like this. Down side though, it's way too pricey for minimum wagers.😊

  6. this is great preparation for preschool + its like daycare on steroids hahaha, if you get what i mean :)

  7. Thank you so much for this blog! :) Just saw it... It was fun having Charley around! We would love to have her again in June! :)

    1. thank you so much for your time din! :) Charley enjoyed her time at Colors and Shapes. :) Thanks for visiting my site. :)

  8. Looks like a nice place for a toddler indeed. Aside from playing, one can also learn a lot.

  9. It is good mums now have different options to bring their toddlers for learning and play. This is a really cool place to bring the children, very conducive to having fun and learning at the same time.

  10. Wow I could have used this service back when I was still working full time in Makati. There were times I had to bring my kids to work because they had no yaya for a few days.

  11. How I wish Makati is near to our home hehe. It is so nice to hear that this kind of daycare now exist in the country. This is really a great help to those who don't have yaya. Since nowadays, finding a good yaya is really hard.

  12. It's so nice that daycare centers like this one are sprouting like mushrooms. It gives parents more options about their kids' early education. :)

  13. Charley is such a cutey! My daughter also attended a toddlers class ... all they do is play, learn basic shapes, colors, sing, dance.. and get tons of hugs from the teachers.

  14. Playschools are so in during this generation. Back in the day, we went straight to big school na dba? Haha! :)

  15. Looks like a great center full of fun activities. I think the interaction is very beneficial as well.

  16. OH, pwede na ung son ko dito! And it's near our place / my work too. I'm checking it out now. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I hope they have one near in Mandaluyong. I can't wait for my son to try this kind of class.

  18. Oooh it's in Prince Plaza. It sounds like a nice place to send your preschooler to. And 3 teachers & aide to a class is good. I'm glad that schools are now more conscious of this.

  19. This will surely benefit working parents whose young kids don't have nannies to take care of them. I'll recommend this to my friends.

  20. I love the way your blog looks. It's clean, neat, and organized. It's so refreshing in the eye, and it's worth anyone's time to read. Keep it up, mommy!


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