Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Things that have Changed when Baby Charley Entered the Picture

Having a baby means huge changes for most couples, and we're one them, too. Here are a few things that have changed in our relationship and in our lives since our little kitten, our judgmental princess watermelon, and bedspace invader Baby Charley came.

1. Our Bodies
Unlike my roommate (my husband, btw), I was not particularly conscious with how I look and would always go for comfort over fashion. However, my body has undergone a drastic change in a span of one pregnancy. I have one of those ugh muffin tops, my PUPPP's scars are STILL there (thank heavens no kamot for me), and of course my C-section battle scar is unbearable to look at. Yeah, I have gained a few (maybe more) pounds, too.

My roommate, though has gained some beer belly, still remains his charming aura. Look at him. Just look at him, and you can say there is something wrong with the equation here. Yet he, God bless his MME Awardee soul, keeps reassuring me that I still look beautiful (even if I don't fit in my old skirts anymore) because I am a good wife and an awesome mother to Baby Charley. Tissue please. 

2. Where our Money Goes 
Whenever we shop for groceries, which are mostly for Baby Charley, we often kid her that we used to frequent the Chips section before, but now 99% of our money is spent on her Huggies Dry, Nan HW 2, and Mustela products. Before, we would save hard to catch the latest promo of PAL or Jetstar, but now we have to save (and work) harder for her monthly immunisation bills at Makati Med.

Indeed, our priorities on where to spend our money has changed big time! Often, my roommate has to say goodbye to his vanity rituals like foot spa, pedicure, and massage, and me on books and school supplies and cat stuff so that we could save up for Baby Charley's expensive monthly needs.

We're not complaining, though, because whenever there's extra in the budget, we splurge on Ruffles and Mt. Dew!

3. Our Social Circle 
Raising a child is also time-consuming, especially if it's just you and your partner in the house. Since we live alone in Makati and have decided not to have a yaya yet (somebody, save me!), my roommate and I could not say "yes" to all social gatherings we're invited to even if we really want to. Even if we desperately need to. Often, we find ourselves hanging out with married couples, too, sharing tip and experiences of raising a "feeling" toddler. We have also watched our girl friends and bros grow up and raise mini "thems" of their own.

However, we still understand that it could not just be us all the time. That's why we make sure that he still gets to hang out with his boys and I with my girls and avoid talking about Baby Charley unless they ask first because she's sooo cute and nomnomnomnom.

4. Our Routine 
During the first year of our marriage, we follow a simple routine: I work from 6 am to 8pm while he works from 6pm to 4am.That's why we're basically roommates to each other because we barely see each other. We would go on occasional drinking and movie dates on weekends and travelling on long weekends. All these changed when I got pregnant and when Baby Charley was born.

Regardless of the day of the week, Baby Charley wakes up at 5am and demands playtime until 9am for her naptime. When she wakes up, 30-45 minutes later, she has to go outside for some people and cats watching. Then she would eat her meal, have more playtime, crawl, climb, practice walking, destroy furniture until she's ready for her afternoon nap at around 2pm. We will then have a tiny window of opportunity to watch Naruto, read a book, chat, or sleep.


It may sound tiring and boring, but since we're already used to it, it has become fun time for us, too! Suddenly, watching people and cars pass by and cats fighting and making out has become entertaining, if not interesting. Naptime mid morning could be a bliss since we, too, have to wake up at 5...sometimes 4am. Finally, seeing Baby Charley grow right before our very eyes is simply heaven.

5. Our Hearts 
The biggest thing that has changed when we finally have Baby Charley in our lives is our heart. I'm not exactly a very patient person, yet I find myself waiting peacefully and calmly at the long queue by the doctor's clinic as I entertain an already inip child. Charley could be such a rascal at times and I'm sure she meant to test her limit (and my limited patience), but I would still snuggle her lovingly (and whisper, Humanda ka pag di ka na baby..joke!) and forgive her endlessly. We would also read with her over and over and over and over gain the book that she likes despite it lacking artistry and having a predictable plot. Seriously, could not even be considered literature! 

My roommate even has a bigger heart of making ultimate sacrifices for our family. Moreover, he doesn't get tired to pick her up when she cries for no apparent reason, play with her from dusk till dawn, and bring her outside even when he's tired, too.

We're not counting our sacrifices for her (or how much sleep I've been deprived of when she came), but rather, we're noting how blessed we are to have Baby Charley and how our lives and we have changed for good.


  1. Having a child can really turn your life upside down. I have 3 kids so I definitely know how it all feels. I have to say though that it's all worth it. No matter how hard it can get. Btw, never had a yaya and my 2 kids are now teens. We've made it work :)

    1. Yay! We're surviving without a yaya so far. :) And yes, all the changes are worth everything. Thank you for dropping by. :)

  2. I'm a new mom totally can relate to this!! Things are quite different. Messy but beautiful and fulfilling

    1. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that our unit has never been cleaned anymore. Toys are scattered everywhere for the whole day! :) Thank you for dropping by. :)

  3. Perks of being a parent :) tiring but fulfilling :)

    1. So true. Just watching Baby Charley grow up right before our very eyes melts my heart. All the pagods and sacrifices are so worth it. :) Thank you for dropping by. :)


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