Thursday, 5 February 2015

Baby Charley's 6pm Habit

6pm is my daughter's "witching hour". This is a dreaded time for my nieces since they have to bear long hours of non-stop crying and fidgeting! Watching TV is a challenge and concentrating with their tutor is a matter of survival. 

I don't understand what it is with baby Charley that she would 6pm. 

Nappies changed? Check! 

Breastfed? Check! 

Burped? Check! 

Carried? Check! 

Normal Temperature? Check! 

She just would cry for no reason at all. This would go on till 8pm, and one time until almost 11pm! She would simply exhaust everyone in the house - herself and dogs included. 

It would seem that no amount of milk and play time and "carry me" time could make her calm. 

We have consulted her pedia who informed us that sometimes healthy normal babies would cry at night. It's just that they just do. It's a phase they go through. 

Of course, old wives tale has a different explanation on baby Charley's 6pm habit. She's being "played" upon by different elements. Dwende, kapre, nuno - name it! The only way, they say, to end her crying spree is to have her seen by an "albularyo" and have her "tawas". 

We're not exactly a "tawas" believer, but for the heck of it and for some peace and quiet, we will be giving it a shot. :)

Right now, Charley still sticks to her witching hour except when her Daddy is here to carry her all through the night. Witching hour or not, I'm enjoying howy room mate and daughter bond with each other especially during Charley's 6pm habit. :)


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