Thursday, 5 February 2015

How we got baby Charley's NSO

Getting NSO certified documents can be such a drag for many parents with young babies. The queues are long and the waiting time is terrible! It is such a hassle especially if you need these documents to apply for another set of documents - let's say for passport. 

Fortunately, there are reliable websites where you can apply for your NSO certified documents. Recently, we use NSO Helpline to apply for our marriage certificate (yes, after two years, we just got ours this year) and our baby Charley's birth certificate.

One can also order for a death certificate and a certificate of singleness or CENOMAR - all for Php350.00. I think this covers the payment for the certificate requested and their delivery charge. Our documents were delivered with in four days by Air21. We got our marriage certificate after 2 days. 

We just filled out the forms online, double-check for spelling, and paid online using our VISA Amore credit card. We're done after those steps. All we needed to do was wait for our documents to be delivered. We were also given reference numbers (one for each document) so that we could "track" the progress of our deliveries online! 

We could track the progress of our delivery online 
Since we applied for baby Charley's birth certificate just a few weeks after she was born, we received a certificate from NSO stating that the one from the civil registrar (which we got from the hospital) should be honoured as her birth certificate. This is necessary as a supporting document for her Passport application.

I would definitely recommend using NSO helpline instead of applying for the documents yourself. This is waaaaayyyyy more convenient and hassle-free - well, at least for me.ΓΌ 

no more cry time waiting in line 

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