Sunday, 1 February 2015

Baby Feeding Cues

To feed or not to feed? This is the question my roommate and I argue on most of the time. He, with my mom, likes to feed Charley every time she cries. 

Every single time.

It doesn't matter if she has just been fed 12 minutes ago, basta she cries, she gets fed. On the other hand, I would follow by heart her pedia's reminder to feed her every after two hours as there are a number of reasons why babies cry: 

According to BabyCenter, babies cry for a number of reasons, some of which include: 
1) Hunger 
2) Dirty diaper 
3) Sleepy or tired 
4) Wants to be held 
5) Sick 

My room mate (sometimes) and I look for certain cues to determine how hungry Charley is. We got this from this website, and it has been very helpful ever since. For everyone's reference.ΓΌ

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