Friday, 10 July 2015

Charley vs The Floor (and the wall, occasionally)

cuteness overload! nomnomnom!
I'm not gonna lie; I was one with the thousands of students (and some teachers) who rejoiced when classes were suspended in Makati - for three (oh my goodness!!) consecutive days. I even downloaded twitter and created an account so that I could follow Makati and await any suspension announcements. Yes, I was that desperate.

In fact, the day before classes were suspended, I was already looking forward to spending the glorious long weekend with my roommate (my husband, btw) and Baby Charley, who's not so baby anymore. *sniff* *sniff*

During the three days I was at home (I have a day time work as a teacher and as a tutor), I saw how Baby Charley has grown and battled the floor and the wall several times. You see, she has recently learnt to crawl, and it amazes her that she could go from point A to point B without her mommy and daddy. She could crawl safely on the bed, but she has just discovered that crawling on the floor is far more brilliant. And painful, too.

One thing my roommate and I have agreed on (he's still working hard on it) is not to shelter Charley from possible bukols and bruises. We DO keep an eagle eye on her, but as she crawls, we let her crawl and let her discover on her own that the floor won't take any prisoners and shall never be easy on her.

She did learn this the hard way.

Our little crawler, at least what seems like her
On the first day of suspension of classes and on my watch, she was peacefully crawling her way around the unit when BOOM! She hit her head on the floor. Hard. Pretending not to notice her, my roommate and I continued with our phones and coffee, and Charley, being totally "ignored", continued to crawl. Moments later, we casually picked her up to check on any damages and breathed a sigh of relief when there's none.

Later that day, after her afternoon nap, she was on a climbing spree. No pile of pillows was too high or too perilous for her. Climb she wanted, climb she went. Suddenly we heard a loud thud on the bed. Charley just hit the wall. Harder this time. I was expecting blood on her forehead and bills from Makati Med, but good Lord there's none again, and climb she went again.

The love-hate relationship between Baby Charley and the floor/wall is costing us our sanity and peace of mind. We're suddenly so praning that she might hit the wall or the floor or something else again that we wanted to confine her in her crib. However, that's not being fair to Charley who's so curious in discovering life (and the pain) and her childhood.

I'm pretty sure there'll be more near-heart attack situations for us as Charley grows. There'll be real bruises and bukols and blood *faints* and wounds and more fun and giggles and gigils and laughter and joy of childhood like what we had when we were younger.

My roommate and I promise ourselves that we're gonna let Charley have, not the best childhood ever, but the childhood she will be proud of.

But note to the wall, please be easy on her next time.

And to Charley, for crying out loud, you will never win against the wall and the floor. Ever.

As of this writing, Floor/Wall 5; Charley infinite fun time.

Curious little kitten 


  1. I remember when my kiddo was just starting to crawl too. If only we can cover the walls with rubber mats, eh?

    1. IKR! I saw that in one playroom in Mandaluyong, and i think it's a great idea. Pero effort to make one. So now that Baby Charley is walking we're kinda more cautious na! :) Thank you for dropping by. :)

  2. Charley is so cute! My lo is starting to crawl na din and I really have to eye on him kasi he's super curious on everything he see. Hindi na pwedeng iwanan hehehe

    1. Thank you!! :) Yes, they're sooo kulit na!! :) Thank you for dropping by. :)

  3. your baby is so cute! I miss my daughter's younger years like that. she's already 7 now. Enjoy every moment! They grow really fast:(

    1. Thank you! :) I agree they grow sooo fast! Before I know it, Baby Charley's gonna be in school na. :) Thank you for dropping by. :)

  4. I usually tell my daughter to stand up again if she falls much like what she should do when she grows up ; )


    1. Agree!! Now that Baby Charley is walking na, we let her stand up on her own when she falls. She looks okay naman eh. :) Thank you for dropping by! :)


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