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Millennial Mom's Picture-Perfect Guide to Feeding a Newborn

Millennial Mom's Picture-Perfect Guide to Feeding a Newborn

Our family has just come home from a weekend of an intimate celebration of Charley's birthday. Yes, that meant a weekend full of chasing, throwing a fit, trying to go through a full 5-course meal in peace (and failing), and not destroying anything in the hotel lobby. 

It's warm to think how small (and manageable) Charley was two years ago. As a first time Mommy, I really prepared for all the possible scenarios motherhood might give me. I read all self-help books and parenting print and non-print journals there were. My roommate (my husband, btw) and I met with our doctors before we tried to conceive and were in constant communication with them all through out the pregnancy. 

Picture perfect. That's how we want our child-rearing to be. 

Of course, it was far from that. 

As a modern-Mommy in the 21st Century in a strong Asian culture, I received all sorts of advices (all of which, appreciated) almost from everyone I know. Yes, everyone had a say on how I rear my child - especially on how Charley was fed. 

Despite the assurance of my doctor that my milk would eventually flow after a couple of days, my parents, in-laws, and random strangers' frustration why Baby Charley was not breastfed was upsetting...if not infuriating. 

There was a sudden panic-attack of, "What if I don't have milk? Will my baby be deprived of its benefits? to "Am I good Mommy?!" This is heart-breaking especially since everyone seemed to have a success story of breastfeeding their little ones the moment they were born. 

Relax people! I will tag you all when my milk finally comes. 

Picture-perfect despite Mommy's lack of milk in the first week
Like every first time millennial Mom, I google for "how to improve lactation" and "what is wrong with my mammary glands?" before I even left the hospital.  Not only did I try the Lactation cookies from Mommy Treats and other treats from, but I also took Mother's Milk from Healthy Options. 

I loved Lactation Plus because it is convenient and healthy at the same time. Plus, since it has natural ingredients, I was sure not to gain extra more pounds. Friends who have used it reported to have healthy glowing skin, too! 
Unique organic lactation pills with all-natural ingredients like Fernugreek

Of course, when my milk finally came, there was no sudden gush of the precious milk right away. It started with a few drops of yellowish liquid colostrum - said to be the healthiest part of a breast milk - before white milk would come in a few more (sigh) days after. So, white milk or none, we still breastfed baby Charley every day. 

Finally, we're bonding! It was adorable just having Baby Charley comfortably sleeping on me with the eyes and smile of contentment. I also love it that my roommate was on all-out support of taking care of me and the baby throughout the process. 

However, a hungry baby figuring out how to latch and suck without drowning or starving herself and hurting me in the process could be tiring, too. When I'm exhausted from lack of sleep, it's not easy to be patient all the time especially since baby Charley seemed to be hungry every hour. Not to mention my mom and in-laws were constantly asking, "Are you sure she's getting enough milk from you?"  

It took Charley and me some time before we both figured out breastfeeding without disowning each other. There were times that we got impatient with each other and literally hurt each other in the process. 

Hello, chapped nursing nipples! Sometimes, it was tempting to wish to have a Pause button so Charley would not ask for milk while I nurse my sore breasts. Fortunately there are products like the Organic Nipple Balm to relieve irritation and revitalize sensitive nursing nipples. 

It was not picture-perfect, but it was a journey we both shared, and we're thankful for. 

Toothless Smiles~ 
I know nothing could ever replace the benefits of breastmilk to babies and mommies, but days before I went back to work, we slowly prepare Charley to transition from exclusive breastfeeding to Formula Milk. I admire colleagues who have the energy (and the supply) to pump milk during their breaks and store them in the freezer, but my roommate and I figured that what would be best in our situation was to mix-feed Charley.  

Besides consulting with Charley's pediatrician, we also researched for formula milk that provide the nutrients my growing baby needed at that time. Our first option was Nan HW, which had the closest taste and nutrients to breastmilk. Of, if only we knew Organic Premium Formula then, it would definitely be an option, too, because it is modeled after breast milk and is a carefully blend of iron, Vitamin D3, calcium, and folic acid. 

Pure, organic, with high-quality ingredients
The struggle to feed my newborn was soooo two years ago, but sadly, sometimes I still receive critical looks from Mommies  whenever I feed my daughter. 

Isn't she old enough to drink milk from the bottle? 

Why is using formula milk? 

It is as if, no matter what I do, I receive the same label - Millennial Mom, she couldn't have known better. This is sad and annoying at the same time. I have very high respect for Mommies. I respect them more than anyone else in the society. I know the struggle to simply make sure the child (and the husband) gets fed and does not get hurt...much. 

Instead of putting each other down just because how one chooses to feed her baby is different from ours, we could build support groups and cheer for each other. 

Instead of giving each other stern looks and labels, we salute and call each other who we really are...


who only want the best for our children. 


  1. Hey Charley Mommy!
    I'm a Mommy which is not able to breast feed and that's very hard for me... So formula Milk is very important for me and my baby. And it was very difficult for me to choose the right formular, because of course I only want the best for my little girl. So when I was looking for the right formula, I'll took a greater look on the ingredients and so I decided, that organic formula products are the best for my baby. I especially used this products form Hipp: And I was very satisfied with them.


    1. Hi, Lena! Yes, go for organic milk! ^_______^
      Thanks for sharing the link. I'm gonna check it out. :) Thank you for dropping by. <3


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