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Mommy Hacks: Why VitaCubes is Too Good for Kids (and Mommy's Sanity)

Mommy Hacks: Why VitaCubes is Too Good for Kids (and Mommy's Sanity)

Early this October, Charley and I both got sick at the same time; she with a viral infection and I with a bacterial one. So, for almost a week, we made Makati Med our family tambayan. It was a terribly exhausting week (physically, emotionally, and financially) for everyone, and we just couldn't wait for the time to realy bond as a family...without the tusok-tusok in Makati Med of course.

Coincidentally, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, invited Charley and me to attend an event hosted by VitaCubes - VitaCubes 2 Good Fun Day - at one of our favourite places, Active Fun in BGC. Why, it's where the 9th Avenue School and Urban Ashram are.

Look who's excited for the VitaCubes 2 Good Fun Day?
The event was loaded with Mommies, Daddies (yes, Daddies!), kids of all ages, and fun games and surprises from our generous sponsor, VitaCubes! 

A Take Your Own Photobooth welcomed the guests and surprisingly, Charley enjoyed having her picture taken. That was a good sign that she's really feeling better already.

Modelling my favouring Fruit-flavored Jelly Candy 

Also, there were red, green, yellow, orange, and violet balloons everywhere - representing each yummy flavour of VitaCubes - strawberry, green apple, mango, orange, and grape in cube-shaped jellies.

Mommies and Kids having fun! 
A food table set-up just for the kids 
 Soon, games have unfolded for the kids...and ehem! kids at heart. There were Twister, Battle of the Brains, Bring Me, and lots of Parlor Games for the kiddos! Of course, each kid got to bring home VitaCubes goodies while the winners were generously showered with so much more.

Baby Charley was too young to join any of the games, so she was just happy popping the balloons, and yes, having more of her pictures taken.

While the kids enjoyed decorating their cakes, Mommies got to listen to a small talk from another Mommy-blogger. Here, we learnt why VitaCubes is way too good for our children.

Kids love having them without getting over-dosed. Plus, it's not another candy disguised as a vitamin supplement because VitaCubes is really loaded with essential nutrients our kids need!

It has lysine for proper growth, zinc to boost their immunity, Vit. A for the eyes, Vit. B for memory enhancement, Vit. C for healthy body and gums, and Vit. E to help fight germs and infections.

I'm sure Mommies won't have a hard time giving these to their kids because VitaCubes look and taste really good!

It's also exciting to know that Mommies can use VitaCubes to spend more quality time with their kids. Charley and I love naming the five (5) different colours of VitaCubes. Sometimes, we use these to learn counting, too. The possibility is endless - all we need is Mommies' creativity.

Sick baby no more! 
Guess who enjoyed the free cake from the VitaCubes 2 Good Fun Day? 
After the event, all Mommies took home a bag of goodies from VitaCubes. 

On the other hand, kids enjoyed an hour of playtime at Active Fun. Charley enjoyed the 5 and below section although I was secretly dreaming of going down the huge slides!

VitaCubes 2 Good Fun Day was indeed an exceptional day for Charley and me. Surely, we both went home happy. We can't wait to spend more time together...maybe to the groceries to buy more VitaCubes! 

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