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Bath Time Fun with Baby Care Plus

Bath Time Fun with Baby Care Plus 

If there's one thing Charley and I have in common is our love for water. We enjoy going to the beach almost every week if our schedules (yes, Charley has her own schedules, too!) allow us. So, if we're stuck in the city for the week, Charley takes her time to enjoy her bath.
Long weekends mean beach time!
During Charley's first trip to the beach - she was barely a month old!

@ Rockwell Club, Makati 

Charley is one of those babies who are obsessed with bath. She simply adores her bath time. The bubbles...the play time...the clean squeaky feeling it gives her afterwards. I, on the other hand, love how Charley smells the baby-feeling Charley has after every bath time.

Look who's excited to try the pool? Charley at 8 months 

This is why it saddens me when her favourite bath time turns to cry-time. As a new mommy, I'm still trying out different brands for Charley's bath. Sadly, I have made a few mistakes, too.

There are some popular brands that smell really good but hurts Charley's eyes. When this happens, she's getting very anxious for bath and refuses to use the shampoo and baby bath.

Sometimes, we gave her Baby Bath and Shampoo that claim to be gentle on her skin, but Charley ends up with several rashes after a week use. Her soft delicate skin turns rough with patches of wound that Charley scratches often.

Of course, there are really excellent brands that are gentle on her eyes and skin, but is terribly expensive. No matter how often we wish to use them on her, we simply can't afford them.

Thankfully, someone introduces Tupperware's Baby Care Plus products to me. The set includes Baby Care Plus (Bath, Shampoo, Lotion, Powder)

 Kids Plus (Bath, Shampoo, Lotion, Powder, Cologne) 

Mom Plus (Soothing Balm, Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, and Bath Soap). It was an ultimate package for Mommy and Baby!

I simply love the whole set! However, there are still so much more to love about Baby Care Plus. 

  • Dermatologically-Tested. Charley's sensitive skin is paramount to us; that's why we love that Baby Care Plus  products are hypoallergenic and will never irritate baby's sensitive skin. Also, it moisturises leaving baby's skin silky-smooth.  
  • Fresh powdery-scent and fruity scent. Baby Care Plus leaves babies smelling fresh like a powder while Kids Plus gives the fruity scent, so there'll surely be more gigil moments after bath! 
  • Affordable. Freshness and moisture need not to be expensive. Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus are way more affordable and convenient than the leading bath sets. 
Charley and I love bath time. Thanks to Tupperware Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus, we're enjoying bath time even more! 

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