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Park Day for the Watermelon Babies (PlayWorks Playschool)

Park Day for the Watermelon Babies (PlayWorks Playschool, Makati) 

Before the summer class ended, parents of the babies in Watermelon Class received a letter from PlayWorks regarding Park Day. The day promised fun-filled activities for our toddlers at Salcedo Park.

What We Needed to Bring:
Comfy clothes and shoes for the babies
Hats or Caps
Mosquito patches
Change of clothes
Snacks to Share
Lots of energy! 

Before Park Time
The day started with regular activities inside the classroom. Teacher Elaine and the toddlers sang their favourites, Mr. Sun, Butterfly, The More We Get Together, Open Shut Them, and others nursery rhymes I promise to download in my phone soon.

Of course, Baby Charley and the others asked Teacher to sing The Wheels on the Bus several times.

Some kids, on the other hand, preferred to try the various centres in the classroom.

Yay! Park Time!
Soon, when it did not show any signs of raining, Teacher Elaine asked the toddlers to line up for Park Time! Mommies, Daddies, and Yayas were also given last-minute reminder and precautions while the class stayed at the park.

The toddlers squealed in delight once they reached the park. They loved just running around and chasing each other. Many kids enjoyed touching the grass and the flowers, picking up sticks and twigs, and chasing real butterflies and birds. Of course, Teacher never missed the opportunity to catch the learning moments there.

When Teacher blew some bubbles, it was already heaven for all of the babies. Who knew bubbles could float farther at the park?

After the parachute activity, the kids were then allowed to play in the playground at the park. It was a huge playground, and I was afraid Baby Charley would be overwhelmed. It was Teacher who assured me that Baby Charley would be okay, and I just had to “let go”. Yikes!

Like the other babies there, Charley tried the swing and the huge slide. Of course, I could not slide with her cos I gotta catch her, so I really just let go. I think I managed to pray the whole Glorious Mystery as Charley took the slide cos I was so nervous. But Teacher was right, Charley was just fine – and she slid again and again until it was time to go back to the classroom.

Quiet Time
Once the toddlers have rested and changed their sweaty clothes (I wished I brought a change of clothes for me, too!), it was time for Charley’s favourite activity – snack time! Because the toddlers were tired from their outdoor play, they devoured their snacks right away.

Afterwards, lights were dimmed for their quiet song like One Sun. Before the kids knew it, it was time to get their bags and go home.

We loved it how PlayWorks provided out-of-the-classroom activities like such for kids to play, have fun, and learn all at the same time! These activities provide authentic learning experiences as toddlers explore the world around them. Most importantly, they get to practice their fine motor skills and develop life skills like social skills and independence.

Here, parents would see that play really works with kids.

Visit my post on PlayWorks for more information about this playschool.

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