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Little Archers Learning Center

Little Archers Learning Center 

One of the playschools in our pooling list is the Little Archers Learning Center. We have heard lots about Little Archers even though it is quite new compared to other playschools. Their first campus is in Mall of Asia in Pasay, and we’re so thankful that they have recently opened a new campus here in Arnaiz, Makati –near San Lorenzo Village, Ponce Gate.

Learning at Little Archers is so much fun

Little Archers follows a Reading-based curriculum. It also incorporates multimedia and multi-sensory experiences in the learning process, so there are various ways for students to express themselves, and more importantly, enjoy learning! 

Reading-based curriculum works!
There are also different classes available. Some classes were still not available in their Makati Campus when Charley joined their summer class. 
Class Types
They also offer Summer Program that caters kids of various age groups. Here, Baby Charley's classmates were years older than her. 

Moreover, because Little Archers is k12 ready, many of their graduates were able to enter the big schools of their choice.  

Classes are available for students with special needs. A maximum of one (1) student with special needs per class. 

What We Love About Little Archers
Reading-based Curriculum
Little Archers is very strong on developing the students’ love for reading. Kids will see books almost everywhere! There’s a mini library available at the reception while the kids are waiting for their fetchers, and there are also bookshelves in each classroom. No matter where the students look, they will surely find a book.

Baby Charley enjoying books from the classroom library 
One of the many libraries you will see at Little Archers 
Two boys enjoying reading while waiting for their fetchers 
Thematic Approach
Lessons for the day follow a certain theme based on the book read that day. For example, when Charley joined the class, the day’s theme was on faces. The teacher read a book about faces and soon, all activities had something to do with a FACE, which was very timely cos Charley was learning about eyes, nose, ears, and mouth at home.
Art materials for the day

Learning about parts of the face 

Snack time means making faces
Charley decorating her cupcake with faces 
Since the campus is just in Arnaiz Avenue, Little Archers is very accessible. One can take the cab, a bus and then get off at Dusit or Pasay Road, an MRT Ayala Avenue, or a jeepney then get off at Park Square.

It is also near Glorietta, Landmark, and SM Makati.

I love it that Little Archers provide uniforms for their students. Regular uniforms include a skirt and blouse while PE uniforms include jogging pants and a white shirt with logo.

Friendly, Accommodating Teachers and Staff
Curious Mommies like me would love Little Archers because its teachers and staff are very accommodating and know the school’s vision and curriculum well. They were able to answer all of my queries, and it’s so obvious that they love their school.

Teachers read the book for the day to introduce today's theme

Warm welcome from one of the teachers 

Fees and Schedule 
Tuition fees are based on the class type your little archer is enrolled in. It already includes the art materials for the day and a set of uniforms. A separate fee is available for extra sets of uniforms. There are also school services available for a minimal fee. 

Little Archers follow an open enrolment system,  and classes start in June and ends in March. 

Location and Contacts 
Little Archers Learning Center 
1012 Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village Makati
02.546.6059 or 0998.9928.229

Little Archers could be an excellent choice for a playschool/nursery for your child. Since it is K12 ready, you will be confident that your child will enter the big school of your choice. 

More importantly, Little Archers will help develop the child's love for reading and learning through fun, interactive, and multi-sensory activities. 

I think Little Archers is a good choice for a pre-school. 


  1. Hi, your baby looks familiar :) I recalled a neighbor back in our previous apartment they have a baby girl named charley too :)

    1. Hi, Baby Skye! We miss you!!! <3

      Mommy Ria, you can enroll Skye here in prep for his nursery. Charley would also start nursery 2 years from now. <3

  2. May saturday class ba sa Little Archers? :) Looking for a play school din for skye ;)

    1. So far, wala. Weekday schedules lang sila. T^T


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