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Cuts 4 Tots Glorietta

Cuts 4 Tots Glorietta 

Baby Charley was born with a round head full of hair. I was thrilled to get my hands ready to style her hair with bows and ponytails; however, her locks took time to grow and thicken. Sadly, they also did not grow evenly, so Baby Charley grew up with a round head full of hair of various lengths.

When Charley turned 1, my roommate (my husband, btw) and I were advised to cut her hair already, but we could not bring ourselves to do so cos if we did, Charley would have no hair left on her big, round head.

Messy hair Charley

Finally, after 19 months of messy hair, we brought Baby Charley to Cuts 4 Tots in Glorietta for her first official haircut.

Before the Haircut
Cuts N4Tots could only accommodate three (3) clients at the same time, so Baby Charley had to wait for her turn. It was not hard for her, though, because there were some toys for her to play with. Some of the other kids waiting for their turns also played with her.

Shocking pink for the baby girl 
Soon, a receptionist came and offered us their First Haircut Package. For Php600, it included a membership to Cuts 4 Tots, 10% discount on future services, and a frame with Charley’s pictures and a lock of her hair. Regular haircut costs Php330.

During the Haircut
When Baby Charley was called already for the haircut, I could say I was more nervous than her.

What if Baby Charley throws a fit?

What if she gets “likot”?

What if Kuya cuts her ears instead?

Fortunately, Kuya handled Baby Charley’s first haircut with gentle, expert hands. She was calm throughout the process and enjoyed being in a car as she watched Mickey Mouse’s Playhouse.

The whole process went swiftly and I think the only time Kuya talked to us was when he suggested a specific hairstyle so Baby Charley would still look like a girl. I was not expecting a full-blown kwentuhan, but perhaps a get-to-know would not hurt.

So, for 20-30 minutes of haircut, we were all ignoring each other. Baby Charley on her driving, Kuya on the haircut, and us on Mickey Mouse Playhouse.

After the Haircut
I knew it would be difficult for Baby Charley to leave the car. You see, Charley loves driving, which she got from her Daddy, and having her hair cut while she’s on a car was heaven for her.

When it was time to leave, Kuya removed the pink cover and said, “We’re done!” and my roommate and I struggled to get Charley off the car. Fortunately, Kuya remembered to give Charley a pink ball so she would leave.

it was a challenge for us to make baby Charley leave
We paid for the service and left.

Baby Charley’s first haircut at Cuts 4 Tots was a pleasurable experience. Her hair was done well with a professional, and she really looked cuter without her messy hair.

The cost was also worth of their service. We would definitely come back for another haircut.

However, as a Mommy, I would love it if the staff could be a little friendlier especially to the kids. They were nice, but not very accommodating. You would definitely feel like a client at Cuts 4 Tots – nothing else. I was looking for a “home-y” feeling that would make us feel welcome. Perhaps it’s the weather. Perhaps they were saving that for their regular customer, I dunno.

Oh, if only their staff could be as friendly as their IG account!

Cuts 4 Tots 
3rd Floor, Glorietta 4 Makati 
(02) 817.0108
Sunday - Thursday 10 am - 8pm 
Friday - Saturday 10 am - 9pm 
Rate: Php330 for regular haircut 

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