Saturday, 15 August 2015

Warning: Flu Season's Coming!

The brrrrr months are on their way, so Mommies and babies better prepare for the "big chill", which usually results to flu and flu like symptoms like fever, cough, an colds. Unfortunately, #teamhernandez is one of those who got buena manos with flu. It started with my roommate (my husband, btw) who got high fever two weeks ago. Fortunately, he got well right away.

However, Baby Charley got "hawa" with colds (thank God, no cough!) immediately yesterday from her cousin, Ate Vanna. She, in turn, made hawa to her other cousin, Ate Hailey, who slept in a shared room with her. Oh noes! And this happened a month before her scheduled Flu vaccines! 

At first, my roommate and I were pretty chill about it. Children get sipon, it's a given. Besides, the last time Charley got sipon, she was pretty okay. Unfortunately, this was a different kind of sipon. After an hour of exposure, we already noticed that she already had a runny nose and would sneeze a lot of times. She's cranky and her eyes were teary. She would still eat and play lots though.

At night, it was when the worst of sipon struck. She would toss and turn and couldnt seem to find the perfect spot to sleep. She would sniff lots and leave traces of sipon on her pillow. I went defensive mode when she was warm to touch; that's why my roommate ran to Mercury Drug Store even late at night for Paracetamol Tempra ( a trusted brand by the family since it worked wonders when Charley had LBM), a thermometer (we left ours in Makati), and koolfever kids (the one for baby wouldnt stick well).

We checked her temperature regularly and wiped her sipon with Sanicare Wipes instead of lampin to avoid irritations. But still, she was having a miserable time. It was sooo painful to watch. 

My roommate then decided to just carry her the whole night just so she could sleep. She still couldnt sleep long though, so you can say my roommate and I were a bunch of mombies and zomdads the following morning. 

The next day, our pedia, the pretty Dra Pam Caedo of Makati Med, texted and informed us that we could try giving her Disudin drop @ .75ml. We did, and she finally went to sleep. 

We're still praying that she gets well soon right away. 

Here are the meds we gave her:
• Celin drops 
• Paracetamol Tempra
• Disudrin 
• koolfever

You can just check the label to see how much you should give your baby. These are over-the-counter medications, so you dont need any prescriptions from your pedia (to save consultation fees! :D)  

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