Thursday, 13 August 2015

What's in Our Baby Bag

We're not celebrities, and people might not really be interested with what's inside our baby bags. However, real-life mommies and wifeys could learn a thing or two especially since travelling with a baby, who acts like a toddler, can pose a great challenge to many moms and dads. One way to avoid any inconvenience while travelling, if it's ever possible actually, is to pack well... as in really well.

Here are the things we usually bring whenever we go out with Baby Charley. Rule of the thumb is that if we're staying for two hours or more, we carry the pink bag. Otherwise, we'll just bring a bottle milk and a lampin.

1. The Essentials. 
These are matters of great consequences. Charley's survival and our sanity usually depend on these.

A. Food 
We usually carry at least 4 bottles with 4 oz of Wilkin's water each, milk container with 4 scoops of Nan HW 2 each, and a sippy cup. Philipps Avent is so pang-maharlika so Charley's bottles are Precious Moments from SM and Richel, a freebie from my breast pump from youji and me. We've finally found a great sip cup from Fisher Price.

B. Nappy Dep't 
We usually bring Huggies L by 4's and a wet wipes (we recently love the organic, __) just in case. Huggies Extra Dry is comfortable in its bikini style fit.

2. Extras
These, although essentials too, are just additional of what we already have.

A. Clothes
Charley is an active, dirt magnet, spiller baby so it's quite important that she has a set of extra clothes. Usually, we bring her Carter's dress (we love the comfort Carter's brings!), her pink posh ballerina style bonnet (a personal favourite), socks that can go with any outfit, and jacket (either her Carter's cardigan or her Jumping Beans sweater with hoodie) - all are hand-me-down from her elder cousin and family friend. Yay!!

B. Food
One thing you must know about us is that or else it's fatal. That's why besides her milk, Charley needs some extra snack, and she likes Rebisco Bibibon's best. It's tasty and healthy.

3. Add-ons
These are just the things we like to bring, but not exactly essential for survival.

A. Sandals 
Charley prefers to practice walking barefoot (and we have let het her did this several times), so she hates wearing any shoes or socks on. However, sometimes it looks awkward in photo-ops whenever Charley is barefoot. "Super lakas maka-M", according to my Mom, so we always bring her usual Ipanema sandals (hand-me-down, too!) because it is the pair she could comfortably stand on.

B. Entertainment 
Although Charley loves people in general (Brgy Captain of San Lorenzo), she's still my daughter, so it's not surprising if she's getting anti-social at times (especially during her naptimes). That's why we bring her usual favorites: a pacifier, a pacifier lace from Sesame Street, a teether (otherwise, she'd be nibbling on people and chairs), a toy, and a book she can look at eventually eat.

C. Lampin and travel size spoon and fork. 
Ever since she was 7 months, Charley loves to eat all the time. Sometimes, she would join us in meals, too. Her own set of utensils are super helpful, especially for an OC praning mommy like me.

These are the usual contents of our pink baby bag (oh my G, hand-me-down, too!) that we find very helpful.

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