Friday, 19 June 2015

Baby Charley's Trip to Hacienda Sta Monica

On Charley's 6th monthsary, Team Hernandez was so fortunate to have joined my Grammar family to a road trip to Lipa, Batangas - Hacienda Sta. Monica.

Preparing for a trip with just my roommate (my husband, btw) is completely different from preparing with Baby Charley. There were so many things we had to consider and one of which was Charley's comfort through out the trip.

A comfortable Baby Charley meant a comfortable trip for all of us.

Before the trip
One of my favourite responsibilities as a mommy and a wifey is to prepare all our bags whenever we travel. I'm more comfortable when I do so because at least I know specifically where our things are. My roommate, on the other hand, is just happy to carry the bags to the car.

For this particular trip, we had three bags: the pink (baby) bag, the brown (hand) bag, and our blue (Jansport) backpack. Believe me, colour-coding our bags is much easier when you live with a man who thinks that all our bags are just bags and anything can be a baby, hand, or backpack bag.

My roommate made sure that the car we're gonna sue, Ford Ranger this time, was on its perfect condition - brakes, tires, lights, diesel, and all those car stuff I have vague understanding of. Although Ranger could sit in 5-6 people comfortably, we were just five adults and bags++ in the car. The other car, Innova, sat seven adults and bags+++++++++++++.

We had soooooo much food in the excursion, and we made sure that Baby Charley had her own set of food, too. We brought a new can of Nan HW Two, 1500 ml of Wilkins, and six baby bottles. The adults, on the other hand, had 2 crispy pata, embutido, pesto, barbeque, baked mac, liempo, java rice, leche flan, pichi pichi, egg pie, chocolate cake, ice candy, and Coke galore! It was such a sinful Wednesday. :)

Guess who's the happy baby
On our way there
Manila-Batangas would take an average driver 1.5 to 2.0 hours, but my roommate could get us there in 30-45 minutes especially on an early morning drive.

We had to stop at Petron SLEX though for a quick breakfast at Mc Donald's. It's also essential for Baby Charley to stretch a little and for our passengers to realize that they're still alive (given my roommate's driving skills).

Baby Charley was very behaved on the trip; she's okay looking out to the window, playing with her books and rattles, and have some squealing fit disguised as a meaningful conversation with her Tita Jaizel and Tita Becca.

Finally, Hacienda Sta Monica! 
When we reached HSM, we were awed by the beauty of it. The Estacios had a small farm of siniguelas, mangoes, and other fruit-bearing trees. The house was quaint and beautiful, and the whole Grammar family fit in just perfectly.

Baby Charley loved the attention she got from all her titos and titas since she was used to seeing just me and her dad all day long. She would squeal in delight and engage in conversations with them - only she knew what she was talking about. One thing we discovered about Baby Charley was that she wanted to have her "Me Time", too. She became fussy and no amount of playtime could calm her down until we decided to put her to bed and hoped that she would sleep, but she didn't. She just played on her own, and that was it - me time! Imagine.

Unfortunately, Baby Charley wasn't able to join us in the pool since she fell asleep after drinking her milk. I think it's because it was pretty cold that afternoon and there was a soft rain, too. Yup, perfect for Baby Naps.

On our way home
It was almost 6pm when we got home, and although Baby Charley caught a few Zzzz's on the way, she was still very sleepy already. After all, it was a long day for her. So I gave her a quick washup, changed her nappy, and changed her into her bedtime pj's. Pretty soon, she was sound asleep.

I bet Baby Charley had a wonderful day in Lipa, Batangas since she saw a lot of things, talk to a lot of people, and experience new joys. Travelling with her was a little challenging, to be honest, but it was worth every second. We can't wait to travel more with her.ΓΌ

Our beautiful Grammar Family with Team Hernandez

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