Saturday, 14 March 2015

Team Hernandez Terminology

I have read somewhere that a key to a successful marriage is a pair of happy (crazy!) people. Well, roommate (my hubby) and I wish Baby Charley the best of luck because she belongs to a family of insane people.

My roommate and I have coined some terms that have totally different meanings. These are the things present in our family and mostly Charley-related. Sometimes, we use these as codes when we talk in public.  For example,

1) Chachii - This is our Macbook Pro. We like naming our things so we can safely talk about them in public. For example, it is safer to ask him, "Did you bring Chachii?" while we're riding a public transpo rather than saying, "Did you bring our laptop?"

Chachii is only one of the several things we have named. There's Sammy for my Samsung Galaxy, Junior for his old iPhone 4, and John Lloyd for his new iPhone and his wifi name. Please don't ask why it was named as John Lloyd. Too embarrassing to share.

2) Igorot Dance - There is no way this is related to the dance of our brothers in Ifugao. This just refers to the way we carry Baby Charley especially when she's throwing her one of the millions tantrums. So, we carry Baby Charley facing us with one arm on her pwet and the other arm on her back. We have to bounce her repeatedly - mimicking the Igorot War Dance...I think.

3) Orasyon - This simply means the things Baby Charley does before she sleeps. One of which includes placing her left hand on her head or her forehead.

The other is the Mathematician where she clasps her hands together as if pondering on a tough mathematical equation. We know that when she does her Orasyons, she is going to be asleep soon.

4) 6 pm. You have probably read all about this in my previous posts. This simply means Baby Charley crying non-stop in late afternoon...does not necessarily mean that it falls at 6 pm. Basta she cries for no reason, we call it 6 pm.

5) Vilma Santos - This one of her Orasyons before she sleeps. She needs to hold a small hanky, sometimes her Carter's Bunny Hat, to prepare her to go to sleep. We don't know what is it with holding onto something prior to sleeping, basta if you don't give her her Vilma Santos, she would strip herself naked instead

Puss In Boots
6) Naputok - This is Baby Charley farting, sometimes pooping. When she farts and poops, we could hear a crackling sound; hence, naputok. When this happens, we halt changing her diaper and giving her a bath...just in case she does poop.

7) Exorcist - If you have watched the 70's Exorcist Film, then you know that the most iconic "moves" in the movie is the Scorpion Walk down the stairs. Our child, does that sometimes. When she leans backward, back super bent, stomach protruding, and legs hard straight. We don't know why and how she could do it, but when she does, we make sure we're Tag Team on supporting her back.

8) Watermelon and Bilog - Drawing Baby Charley's face is easy because she's simply a big circle. Like a watermelon. Or the moon.

9) Puss in Boots - Baby Charley's eyes are nakakadaya. Sometimes, they're really small like my Mom's, and often they're really BIG and Puss in Boots'.

For sure, there are still so many things we would be creating as Baby Charley grows up. Right now, these are all we got.

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