Saturday, 14 March 2015

Moving In With Baby Charley

Yay! We've finally moved from our small condo unit in GA Tower to a more spacious unit in Makati. Since my maternity leave was finished, I needed to go back to work soon. That also means we have brought Baby Charley from the comfortable Batangas-living to Makati.

This is a HUGE adjustment for the three of us since 1)we needed to transfer our stuff from Boni to our new unit, 2)we had to adjust our work schedules since someone has to stay with Baby Charley, and 3)Baby Charley will be living in the big city already! With no yaya! *gasp*

suite life of baby Charley
Transferring our new and old stuff from Point A to Point B with Baby Charley could be a challenge. We needed to stop once in a while and double-check if the windows were really tinted (!) so that I could breastfeed and calm her from time to time. Talking to each other is struggle especially when it was already 6pm and we're still on the road.

Remember her 6 pm habit? Yup, even on the road.

Since we couldn't move in right away because the unit still smelled like fresh paint, my room mate (my hubby) and I decided to check-in at Great Eastern for a couple of days just to make sure that all would be ready for Baby Charley. Good thing we were given two (2) big beds so Baby Charley could sleep peacefully on her own.

Enjoying her sleep at our spacious new unit
Having a bare unit is really challenging because room mate and I literally eat AND sleep on the floor. Cable connection right now is not a priority as well. We don't have any essential furniture and appliances yet, so life on the first days was a complete struggle. It still is...a little.

But you know what, we're not complaining at all!

We love the new unit and our new neighborhood. Babies and cats are everywhere!

It's also amazing that we're close to three churches, one being Don Bosco. Not to mention, Assumption is just one jeepney ride away, so are Landmark, Greenbelt, Waltermart, SM Hypermarket, Cash and Carry, and Makati Med.

Right now, we're still learning the ropes of living just the three of us. Baby Charley, roommate, and I have to be extra patient and loving with each other since this is a completely new beginning for all of us.ΓΌ

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