Saturday, 31 January 2015

My Baby Today

My Baby Today by Baby Centre is another helpful app, and it is so easy to use - especially if you have tried My Pregnancy Today during your pregnancy.

Like its predecessor, My Baby Today features a day to day  tips, advices, and reminders based on your baby's age, which you have to input when you first open the app
Personalise your My Baby Today App

What is more beautiful about My Baby Today is that it seems to know every question you have in your mind about your baby and your baby's development - from poop, to temperature, to milestones per month. The answers are direct to the point and you can even connect to their website for a more detailed discussion. It's like having your paediatrician at the palm of your hands. 

You can also create your own checklist or simply answer the ones provided by the app. These include simple activities which you and your little one can do together. 

Another feature of My Baby Today is Birth Club, which you should have joined if you have the previous app. Nonetheless, you can still join today so you can have access to forums with Mommies and Daddies who have babies with the same age as yours. I'm not particularly into the forum, but I love reading about the threads. 

Join your baby's Birth CLub 

My Baby Today starts from baby's birthday (Day 1) until she's 12 months old! Also, this is absolutely free from PlayStore. You can also check Baby Connect, another amazing App for Mommies. 

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