Saturday, 31 January 2015

Baby Connect

Simple yet comprehensive - Baby Connect 
Baby Connect is an awesome awesome App for obsessive-compulsive Mommies like me who would like to keep track of everything about their babies. 

Basically, Baby Connect allows you to input data of your baby's activity including: # of hours of sleep, feeding bottles, cup, and food, nursing or breastfeeding, diaper changes (wet or bowel movement), medicine, pick-up and drop off points for multiple caretakers (parents and yayas). 

What's also amazing is that both of the caretakers can access the app as long as they have 1) registered and 2)online. That way, they can check what the others have done already. 

Besides being available in both Mac and android devices, you can easily access the app in desktops or laptops, too. All you have to do is log in. 

There is nothing not to love about Baby Connect. I strongly believe that this is a must-have app for every Mommy - especially if you have multiples whose ages are pretty close to each other. In summary, here are some things I love about Baby Connect


What I love about this App 
1. Simple yet comprehensive 
Every feature is very basic so it is very easy to understand, yet each has a lot in store for you. Just by a touch of an icon, Mommies and Daddies can easily enter details about their child's or children's activities: bottle, nursing, diaper, and so on. 

2. Helpful, reliable data 
As long as you correctly enter your child's activities; for example, # of bottles per day, type and colour of poop, you can use these whenever you go for check-up with the Pedia. That way, you can provide reliable information to your baby's doctor. 

3. Accessibility
Once you have registered, which I strongly suggest, you and your partner can easily access the app anywhere. 

4. Cuteness
Okay, so this is not really a major factor, but the icons are really cute. 

Another reliable App which I personally use is My Baby by Babycentre

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