Monday, 28 March 2016

True Love Waits

One of my roommate's (my husband's, btw) and my family goals is to share stories dear to our hearts - God and family. That's why, when Assumption San Lo Year III invited us to be one of its speakers for their annual "Love Waits", we feel blessed already and our hearts overflowed with gratitude.

"True Love Waits", featured speakers who shared herStory and HisStory of their very own love stories. 

As a family, we shared how our love story unfolded, our ideal mates, and how we grew together as an individual and as a couple. From the silly fights to holding on together to the most difficult trials. 

We also shared that one of the most important thing young couples need to have in their relationship is respect. Respect to yourself and to your partner. 

We hope that our simple love story was able to inspire the girls as they journey to find their one true love, too. 

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