Monday, 28 March 2016

AdvenChar at BluRoze Farm

One of the sad facts of living in the city with a baby is that our travel-dates are usually limited to the malls and city parks, unless we really do make an effort to go out of town. Because of this, her knowledge of trees and flowers and ducks and other animals are those that we see at Greenbelt Park or in High Street or in San Lo that are super lakas maka-social!

We're not complaining because here Baby Charley could roam freely and enjoy the great outdoors. 

When we found an opportunity to bring Baby Charley to a real farm in Batangas, we were so thrilled to right away - BluRoze Farm in Lipa, Batangas. 

For just a minimal fee of Php150 per person, our family got to enjoy the hectares of farm-filled afternoon. Yes, that means more running for Baby Charley. 

Baby Charley got to see ducks and monkeys (sadly in cages), doves, ostriches, peacocks, sheep, chickens, quails, snakes (thankfully, in cages), and other farm animals up close. 

Of course, we got to feed the doves and the quails, while Baby Charley enjoyed chasing them over and over and over again. 

And we love just watching her do just that! 

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