Monday, 6 April 2015

Why I think my Daughter is Onto World Domination

so not impressed 
People who have first seen my daughter usually remarked that there's something with my child. And after longer contact, many concluded that Baby Charley is indeed up to something. If only they knew...Baby Charley is planning something -- world domination.

Fact # 1: She's friends with the right people. 
I have yet to accept the fact that Baby Charley may not be the world's friendliest baby; as you can see she's not really the "smiley" type in person and in pictures. BUT she's particularly warm with the right type of people.

For example, when I brought her to Assumption San Lo, the school we're eyeing to send her to in the future, she would not smile at people trying to make her laugh. However, she was so friendly with an RA (religious of Assumption nun) who even stepped out of the chapel to play with her.

Not to mention, Baby Charley literally squealed in delight and cuteness to our HR and Benefits Officer, oh you know that person in-charge of our SSS benefits! True enough, my SSS benefit adjustment was ready in no time.

She also made special pa-cute to the teachers of the right subjects (read as: difficult hell-raising subjects) like the Trigonometry teacher, Math Coordinator, Assistant Academic Coordinator, Physics teacher, Science Coordinator, etc. It seems as if she's saying, "Remember this cuteness if ever you're thinking of putting me on SAP."

our 3 day old, Baby Charley -- judging you
And yes, she has also enchanted a high-profile family, who loves to feed us with really good food, and high-calibre Makati Med doctors who give us discounts. Yes, our family's loyalty is sometimes based on food and freebies.

However, in reality, our Princess Watermelon is starting to build her own kinekshuns for world domination. 

Fact # 2: Her ninongs and ninangs are weapons for world domination. 
Well, lemme talk about her ninangs. One is a pink posh princess from Italy -- prolly breaking hearts of men there, the other is a Mormon who will have no bridal entourage on her wedding (if she does get married; last check, yes she will), the other would skip retreat activities with me, and the other is a golden retriever reincarnate.

And her ninongs? They all share one thing in common: heavy drinkers! So, good luck future boyfriend!

Fact # 3: She's very judgmental. 
Have you seen how she looks at people? Have you seen how she criticises your every move? Have you seen how she categorises you based on how much she'll need you in the future? Okay, maybe you haven't, but she DOES!! okay, maybe she doesn't, but that's how many people feel when Baby Charley looks at them.

Yes, #TingingMapanghamak

Yes, she can do the #deathglare

Fact # 4: She knows how to get the cutest way possible.
I have told these stories to my best friend, her ninang who cringes at her "glare".

Recently, this summer, we brought Baby Charley home to Batangas for quick vacation. Her lola, of course, was super excited to show her off to the neighbours. One morning, she brought Charley outside for some sun. However, I was surprised when they returned right away. I later learnt that Charley made another baby girl, who's older than her, cry. She scratched the face of this poor soul who turned out to be the daughter of my room mate's rumoured childhood sweetheart. I was stunned and wished to think it was just an accident.

But it wasn't. I know it wasn't.

Onto World Domination
Also, Baby Charley is quite fond of all of her titos and titas from my room mate's side of the family -- except for one, her Tito Jack. She would talk with all of them, but ignore him and avoid his eyes when he tried to talk to her. This surprised us a bit since this particular tito looks like her Daddy. It was then that we realised (according to her Tito Jack's wifey) that Tito Jack's son, Joaqui, would cry at Baby CHarley's dad for no reason. He seems to be scared of him so my room mate could not carry or play with him.

That's why Charley ignores Joaqui's daddy!! It's something like, "You hate my daddy, I'm gonna hate yours" mentality.


Of course these are just exaggerated analogies of our 3 month old baby. She's not really onto world domination. Seriously, how could she?

She couldn't, right?

Could she?



  1. she is soooo cute!

    1. thank you so much. Kindly pay respect to your future world leader. :)


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