Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Life According to the Parties I Attend

My life is defined by the types of parties I attend.

Early to mid 20's - This is basically the age when I simply partied for party's sake. Weekends were scheduled to random overnight stays drinking with a couple of friends while trying to finish the thesis and playing counter strike. My roommate's type of party, however, included drinking with his cousins till they pass out.

By mid 20's, we party to celebrate simple milestones in life. A promotion, a successful job interview, and a good day at work.

Gifts were soooo not required, but you're expected to contribute for the booze or for the pulutan.

Here, you can party till the next day because you don't have a baby to worry yet.

Mid 20's to late 20's - The parties we attended were mostly stag or bachelorette's parties. Girlfriends getting engaged and were showing off those huge diamond rings, which could make the guests either 1) gosh! when's my turn? OR 2) ugh! so not getting married yet!

These were usually fun especially for the bride-to-be and for the bride's maids to enjoy the night guilt-free. I dunno about the boys, but we usually give the bride-to-be kinky gifts she would wear on her honeymoon. The closer you are with the bride, the kinkier the gift is.

Or at least that's how it worked with my girlfriends and me.

Late 20's to Early 30's -  By this age, my roommate and I have already invested on a good pair of Barong and Cocktail dresses since we received wedding invitations non-stop. Our friends were getting married either by force or by choice, and we're expected to give a little speech of "work on your marriage not the wedding".

This was also the age when we frequented SM and Rustan's Gift registries for gift ideas for our friends so that they could have that wonder rice cooker they so badly needed. In fact, on our wedding, we received around 3 rice cookers and rice dispensers and a whole lot of sandoks!

Early 30's to Mid 30's - We are already at this stage when the invitations we receive are not just for us anymore. Instead, they're usually "Tito Payat and Family" or "Baby Charley and Parents". By this time, I wish to have a membership to Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us so that I could have discounts with all the toys I'm buying these days!

We're attending either Baby Showers (aaaaawwww...) or First Baby Parties. Just this month, we're invited to 5 birthday parties, and these vary in themes (formal, casual, beach) and locations (one in Quezon City and 4 in Batangas). Hopefully, my roommate would manage to give the right gift to the right celebrant.

Pretty soon, we might be throwing our own party for Baby Charley although as of the moment, we're kinda firm of not throwing an engrade party since seriously, Baby Charley will still be oblivious about any of it. However, that's a topic for another post.

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