Saturday, 6 July 2019

Taking the Road-less Travelled in Singapore: Tips for a Cheap Singapore Trip

Taking the Road-less Travelled in Singapore: Tips for a Cheap Singapore Trip

Let's admit it: Singapore is verrryyy expensive, and a holiday there with the kids means parents spending lots of money. At least that's what I USED to think.

A long holiday in Singapore this summer of 2019 proved me that it took a kuripot mommy to make the vacation there fun & memorable but wouldn't break our wallets.

We prefer the SG Zoo than the Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park
Wild Wild Wet is cheaper than Adventure Cove in Sentosa 

Many families would go to SG in November or December or during our school vacation like Mar-May, but I think going there with your kids during THEIR school vacation (June-July) is so much better.

First, airfares tend to be less expensive during those months. We booked a roundtrip flight through Singapore airlines for less than 10k.

not too happy to leave Singapore Airlines

Second (& I think this is the most important for kuripot moms like me), Singapore celebrates children's festival during these months so there are tons of fun (& mostly free) activities for kids! And I'm talking cool activities for kids almost everywhere!

Singapore loves kids, and you can see that recreational parks (for kids and adults) are everywhere. Pasir Ris for nature walk and Punggol Park for playground and nature walk are some of our favorites!

Playground at Vivo City
Haw Par villa

Most malls have libraries, but Vivo City in Harbourfront has an amazing playground, Sky Park, library, and an amazing view of Sentosa.

Lots of fun activities at the library @Harbourfront

Sky Park @ vivo city

There would be days that we would simply go to the parks or to the local libraries, which topped Charley's favorite times in Singapore.

I've noticed that when Pinoy families go to SG, they'd only go to the usual places ~ Sentosa (Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium, Adventure Cove, Trick Eye Museum, etc), Merlion Park, Snow City, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Ferris Wheel, and Bugis & Orchard Rd for shopping.

These places are amazing, no doubt about them, but theyre also very expensive and flocked by tourists. I remembered lining up for more than 2 hours just to have a picture with Shrek and to ride the Transformers in USS ~ which of course did not even reached Charley's most favorite times in SG.

Luckily, because we stayed there long enough and i think i knew better this summer, we were able to enjoy the children's festivals with Charley.

 That includes the Pokemon Festival at Beach Cove in Sentosa

the Toy Story 4 Carnival at Gardens by the Bay

Carnival @ Vivo City, Harbourfront 

Downtown East

Sadly, not many Pinoy families would go to these places because perhaps they didn't know about them, their schedules are loaded with visits to other attractions, or they thought these are for locals, PR holders, or expats only. Obviously they're not.

Another thing that I love about Singapore is their reliable transport system. All signs are either in English or have English translation so navigation is very easy.

Taking the Grab or taxi might be convenient especially for first-timers, but they're expensive and taking the train is fun and an adventure in itself. We would tell Charley where we would go and she would tell us how to get there. Obviously she can't read yet, but she loved figuring out how to get to places using the MRT - map.

It's hard to feed my toddler in Singapore because she wanted rice in every meal. This was not a problem when we would eat at home, but once we went out it'd be a hassle. KFC, Burger King, and McDonalds do not serve rice unlike Jollibee and Wing Stop, and since we were staying long in Singapore, we also wanted Charleybear to try out the local food which could either be spicy or extra spicy.

Thankfully, there were lots of hawkers near many MRT stations, but our favorite is in NEWTON (red line). It's cheap and is a cultural experience for Charley + she enjoyed the many choices of local food and drinks there.

I'm not saying to completely skip the usual attractions in SG, but you may want to try these  other attractions, too. I guarantee that your kids will LOVE their holiday there!